Quaker Service is a Quaker charity which provides support for people in Northern Ireland going through difficult times. By delivering practical, social and emotional support services that value and empower people just

where they are, we play our part in reducing violence, suffering and disadvantage. Our work is often with those in our society who are the most forgotten, unpopular or sometimes viewed as "undeserved".  Simply put, our core purpose is to make love visible 

Quaker Service currently delivers 2 main services:

Quaker Cottage, a cross-community family day care centre in west Belfast – delivering daily therapy for mums with childcare and projects for young people up to 18 years

Quaker Connections, a volunteer programme based at Maghaberry Prison, where families visiting prison and people in prison are supported through befriending and practical support services.  Services are currently available at all the prison establishments in Northern Ireland

About Quaker Service

  1. BulletThe Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is a Christian denomination with members in Ireland in each of the four Provinces - Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster. In 1969, members of the Ulster Quarterly Meeting of Friends (the governing body in Ulster) established the Ulster Quaker Service Committee (UQSC) in response to the emerging conflict in Northern Ireland. UQSC became incorporated in March 2007 and changed its name to Quaker Service.

  2. BulletInitially the agency worked with volunteers to assist displaced and threatened families. Over the years a range of projects was developed and the charity now employs a number of professional staff in providing its two main services - Quaker Cottage and Quaker Connections.

  3. BulletQuaker Service continues to work with disadvantaged and vulnerable families and individuals, assisting them to develop their potential and striving to improve understanding, tolerance and respect.

  4. BulletOur vision is for a Northern Ireland where all people are valued and fulfil their potential, regardless of their circumstances or choices in life.  Our ethos is guided by Quaker beliefs and values.  Quakers believe that there is a divine spark in everyone and it is this fundamental belief that leads us to value the equal worth, unique nature and potential for greatness in every individual

  5. BulletOur work receives financial support from statutory funders, charitable trusts, Quaker Meetings and from our charity shop, Quaker Care. We are also very grateful for donations received from individual F/friends and would welcome your support. If you require more information or would like to assist in any way, please contact us


Charity Registration Number: NIC 102457    Registered as a company Limited by Guarantee in Northern Ireland Number: NI063929

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2018-2019 Annual Report.

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